Designed for 2mag stirrers and stirring drives. For chemical, biotechnical and medical applications of all kinds
Durable, robust stainless steel bath, easy to clean, suitable for MIXdrive 6/15/60 and MIXdrive 1/1 eco/1 XS.

Fitting for immersion thermostats (heating/ cooling), easy to clean, even weld and electropolished, framed ridge formed as handle, integrated drain makes emptying liquid easy and safe, exact positioning of the stirrer in the case of use the stirrer under the bath. Stirring point mark inside the bath, left-/right stop for optimized thermostat positioning (circulation pump) for use with MIXdrive 6 resp. MIXdrive 15.



Type mixBATH
Material Stainless steel
Inner Dim. (WxDxH) 277 x 537 x 175 mm
Outer Dim. (WxDxH) 318 x 600 x 190 mm
Weight (gross) approx. 5.5 kg
Order no. 40950

Individual units and dimensions on request. 3 years warranty on material and manufacturing. 
We reserve the right to make technical alterations. We do not assume liability for errors in printing or typeing.

Chemically resistant, transparent cover.

Suspension thermostat on request