Control unit for MAXdrive

Designed for MAXdrive stirring drives.
Control unit for the connection of MAXdrive, powerful 60 watts stirring power, large speed range from 100 up to 1,200 rpm.

Variable SoftStart-function for reliable catching/centering and safe accelerating of the stirring bar at different volumes and viscosities. Digital display for speed- and SoftStart-setting (variable 20-99 seconds), QuickSet for quick setting of the start-and maximum speed.

MAXDRIVE_017QuickStop-function against after-run and glass breakage, storage of last function status when turning off, firm stainless steel housing, easy to clean.

Interfaces (0-10 volts, 4-20 mA, RS232, USB, Ethernet), other housings (e.g. for DINrail installation), customized software adaption and stirring bar monitoring on request.

Type MAXcontrol
Speed range 100 - 1,200 rpm
Stirring power (max.) 60 W
Acceleration variable, 20 - 99 s
Material housing Stainless steel
Permitted operation conditions 0 °C bis +40 °C (at 80% humidity)
Electrical data 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1.5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 200 x 175 x 51 mm
Protection category IP20
Weight (gross) approx. 2.0 kg
Order no. 94400

Individual units and dimensions on request
3 years warranty on material and manufacturing.
We reserve the right to make technical alterations. We do not assume liability for errors in printing or typeing.

up to 250 litres stirring volume, also suitable for highly viscous media.

Extension cord for MAXdrive / FABdrive
Extension cord for MAXdrive and FABdrive, length 3m.

Technisch identisch wieSTIRRING DRYBATH 15-100, jedoch mit 15 Bohrungen, ø 71,5 mm, Tiefe 78 mm, Abstand 84 mm, optimiert für 250 ml Laborflaschen und für 400 ml Bechergläser

Control unit for industrial stirrrers

MIXcontrol XL

MIXcontrol XL

stirring speed 70 - 2,000 RPM
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stirring speed 100 - 1,200 RPM
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stirring speed 80 - 990 RPM
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