Handwashing according to medical and hygienic requirements

Handwaschanalge komplettApplication areas

The handwashing unit has been designed as a fully independent system and is engineered to minimize water usage. It is well-suited for stationary and mobile sanitary departments, for outpatient health care, for relief organizations as well as for civil defence use.

The handwashing unit is suitable for use in:

  • hospitals 
  • mobile containers 
  • permanent shelters 
  • roofed open-air camps or tents 
  • maximum containment laboratories 

The handwashing unit is suitable for use in tropical as well as cold climates. The complete system is deployed after 10 minutes and ready for use after another 15 minutes. An economic consumption is advantageous for the maximum containment laboratory, as the disposal of the waste water is very costly.



raum4_0010_b Areas of application

  • Deployed especially in surgical areas 
  • For thorough washing and disinfection of the hands and lower arms without contamination by fixtures 
  • Minimizes the risk of infections for physicians, medical staff and patients 
  • Handwashing with clean water reduces the number of germs on the skin to up to 90 % 
  • Handwashing operation: Touch-free water removal via infrared sensor or foot switch


  • Fully automated operation 
  • Light, transportable and robust
  • Quick assembly and easy disassembly 
  • Water supply by tank or tap water 
  • Low connected electrical load 
  • UV-disinfection of the tap water before disposal (optional) 
  • Expansion options: Hand held shower for cleaning patients, waste-water pump, etc..



The equipment of the handwashing unit complies with usual hygienic regulations and requirements. It is characterized by compact size and low weight. One handwashing cycle as usually performed in surgery will consume no more than 4 litres of waste water due to its sophisticated sensor and fixture technology. One tank filling is sufficient for up to six thorough handwashing cycles. The continuously preselectable temperature appears at the spout during one second.

Short connecting lines just before the demand heater, small line diameters with high flow speed and the avoidance of lumens guarantee the highest possible standard of hygienic application inside the unit.



The handwashing unit consists of individual components that are easy to assemble: 
Fresh water tank, waste water tank, pressure tank, washing- basin insert with integrated feed water pump, demand heater and spout. Soap and disinfectant dispenser are attached to the top of the washing basin.

The washing-basin insert rests firmly on top of a stable stainlesssteel stand. The tanks required for the water supply are mounted on a platform inside the stand. Mains cable, air pump and a water hose, packed in suspension bags, complete this mobile unit. The components are easy to clean.




The complete hand washing system is packed in a sturdy transport box and weighs about 70 kg. The box is equipped with 4 carrying handles, stackable, suitable for air transport and road transport as a lashed load. All equipment is fixed in the box.


Safety functions

  • The demand heater is turned off immediately if the water temperature at the spout exceeds 42 °C. 
  • The automatic filling level monitor inside the fresh water and waste water tank ensure safe operation 
  • Air bubble detector: delivered air bubbles in the water line do not destroy the demand heater as usual 
  • Controlled disposal of the waste water

A continuous supply of power and drinking water as well as the disposal of the waste water cannot be guaranteed in conflict areas or in an otherwise difficult environment.
The concept of the mobile handwashing unit accounts for these problems: 

  • Power fluctuation or interruption do not result in a breakdown of the handwashing unit 
  • Handwashing operation is not interrupted if pressure drops suddenly or water cannot be supplied locally 
  • Powerful filters protect the unit 
  • In the case of a defective control, warm water can further be provided during manual operation 
  • When there is a hazard of frost, the unit can be emptied automatically and be frost-protected in just a few moments 
  • Minimal waste water accumulation in maximum containment laboratories


Control panel

The mobile handwashing unit is controlled via a water-tight membrane keypad. A microprocessor ensures a comfortable warm-water supply and shows operator errors and system faults. 
By default, the display field shows the current operating time. This is useful for ensuring that the hands are being washed for the prescribed time


Scroll button on control panel

The following operating parameters can be displayed: 

  • Current operating time in minutes and seconds
  • Total operating time of handwashing unit in hours
  • Supply pressure inside pressure tank
  • Intake temperature before demand heater
  • Washing-water temperature
  • Temperature difference between exit and entry
  • Display field switched off


Fresh-water supply features
The water supplied should have drinking-water quality. 

Three different supply possibilities are available. 
1. Discontinuous supply: Water from tanks. 
2. Tap water connection: Automated filling of the fresh water tank. The built-in pump ensures that the water pressure is stable inside the pressure tank. 
3. Direct supply from pressure tank with guaranteed supply pressure ≥ 3 bar


Hand shower for showering and washing outside the sink

A hose (3 m) with hand held shower is available for showers and washing cycles outside the washing basin. In order to give patients a shower, a flexible collecting vessel may be placed underneath the patient. In this way, bed-ridden patients may be washed quite comfortably. With each shower up to 8 litres water are used. It is an advantage that the washing-water temperature can be set no higher than 38 °C. Therefore, there is no scalding hazard.

Sewage pump

A wastewater pump allows the automatic emptying of the waste water tank or the collecting tank into the sewage system, a sink or a septic tank.


UV emitter for drinking water disinfection

An UV-light for degermination of drinking water, integrated in the pressure tank, disinfects the supplied water shortly before use. A UV-C light acts like a toxic on algae, bacteria, viruses etc.. The high intensity of the 16 Watt beams in combination with the reflection of the stainless-steel tank facilitates germ reduction in the shortest possible time and prevents new growth. All components will be especially adapted for use in maximum containment laboratories, the hauling crate is then omitted.

The mobile handwashing unit facilitates hygienic washing operations even under extreme conditions.
1-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects


Technische Daten    
l height including stand (mm) 1.280
Washing basin working height (mm) 900
Footprint (W x D) (mm) 700 x 620
Basin, internal dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 620 x 340 x 120
Stand (W x D) (mm) 690 x 525
Crate, external dimensions (L x W x H): (mm) 835 x 615 x 766
Supply voltage / frequency (V/Hz) 230 / 50
Voltage (A) 16
Handwashing unit assembly (kg) 70
Handwashing unit (kg) 55
Aluminium hauling crate with furnishings (kg) 15
Washing-basin insert   Polyester, hell-elfenbein
Stand   Edelstahl
Pressure tank* (L) 19
Fresh water tank (L) 20
Waste water tank (L) 20
Water usage (L/min) <2,5
Tap water connection (bar) 0,5 bis 6
Washing-water temperature, selectable (°C) max. 38
Limiting the washing-water temperature (°C) <42
Air bubbles detector   ja
Manual operation with heating system   ja
ELCB switch   ja
Heating power, selectable (W) 300 - 3.500
Storage temperature (°C) -40 bis +70
Operating temperature (°C) +5 bis +40

Expansion option UV-light with 16 Watt, irradiation intensity 250 J/m2